Prickly nature

I'm thinking about getting a few cacti for the house.

T loves them, and as the past has taught me that I am not the most capable person when it comes to keeping greenery alive, cacti seem to be the perfect natural addition to our interior.
Also, they're just cool.

Not sure what kind I should get though.
Here's a bit of prickly inspiration:

Photograph by Jacinta Moore - spotted on 16house

Bunkhouses Ranch house by Marie Claire Maison - via Poppytalk
Vintage melamine tray setting by Trampoline - spotted on SF Girl by Bay
Just because it made me smile:
Husband Cosy-Saguero by Kristen Skees - spotted on Pinterest
And a few needle-free succulents, which shouldn't be hard to keep either (although I seem to have already succeeded in killing a small succulent plant that was given to me a few weeks ago...)

Interior of artist Natalie Davis - on Poppytalk


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