Robust, Minimalist, Green | 12 bathrooms to soak in

Bathtub by House of Thol
photograph by Johannes van Assem
My mother taught me to not linger under the shower, but wash and be done with it, in order to avoid spilling water.
T is a bit less waterconscious, and uses his showertime primarily to think and relax.
I'm an advocate to save water of course, but looking at the following round-up, i can imagine i'd easily waste away more gallons in these bathrooms.

Luckily for the environment i don't actually own one of these.
And in a couple of years, when i do, i'm sure the whole greywater-system (that helps you recycle water within your home) is way more advanced and i can enjoy my shower or bath time with a clear(-er) conscience knowing the water will be reused.

Anyway, here goes...

How about this minimalist and functional bathroom in a Melbourne family home?
I'm liking the simple yet chique tiling because the tiles seem to be slightly smaller than usual, yet they're so recognizable. Also, love the faucet, marble floor and wooden accents.
Family home of Jeff and Mariko Provan in Melbourne
photograph by Eve Wilson for The Design Files

On the topic of wood: i'm pretty sure this wooden bathtub in Bette Midlers' residence in New York is hardly ever used.
It just doesn't look that comfortable.
However, it does look stylish and rustique, and most importantly: it's made of the sacred Hinoki Wood, which has a slight lemon-like scent and is used in all kinds of rituals in Japan.
Bathroom in Bette Midler's Manhattan Penthouse
By Architectural Digest
About Japan.. how about this sunken bathtub made with lavastone tiles. The company making the tiles is actually Danish (Made A Mano), but the print on these tiles is unmistakingly Japanese.
Photograph and tiles by Made A Mano

Robust yet so serene, this bathroom in a vacation house in Greece, designed by Greek architectural studio Block 722.
Liking the semi-sunken tub, and i'm pretty sure this bath-area is actually incorporated in a bedroom, which i love.
I'd just be a wee bit self-conscious about the large window without curtains.
Vacation House on the Greek isles by Block 722
photograph by Yoanna Roufoupolou for Yatzer
Spotted My Domaine

What i love about this smart concrete bathroom, is the combination of the sunken bath with a regular shower.
I can imagine the inner corners of the tub make nice little nooks to sit on and/or keep hair products.
Not so sure if the actual tub is that comfortable.
Private residence by Molitli Interior makers

I know i know, enough with the sunken bathtubs already...
Just wanted to share this last one.
Because of the special nook for the shower and the beautiful flower that would totally not be there in real life.
LA Guest suite of designer Michaela Chaerrer
photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista

This following shower space has an industrial concrete wall with functional robust metal hooks and reminds me of sports-club showers, - albeit a very stylish and clean version of those showers.
I'm loving the combination of the rough concrete, functional showerhead and small glazed tiles, not so sure about the large round light-fixture.
Shower room in a San Francisco remodeled Victorian by Jennifer Morla and Nilus de Matran
Photograph by Mimi Giboin for Remodelista

While we're on the topic of communal shower area's, Dutch company JEE-O, that makes amazing industrial bath-fixtures, came up with this stylish shared shower.
By Jee-o

We're slightly going darker when it comes to spaces, and i didn't want to leave out this dark concrete wet room in a Morrocan Villa by Studio Ko.
Villa E by Studio Ko
photograph by Dan Glasser

Maybe not so very minimalist, -or robust, for that matter-, but i love these beautiful large plants for a bathroom + check out that circular shower curtain rail.
Melbourne Home of Alex Kennedy on The Design Files
Photography: Eve Wilson - Production: Lucy Feagins / The Design Files

Talking about green and robust, how about this photograph that's circling the web?
It was originally published in a National Geographic magazine in January 1991 and judging by the greenery i'm pretty sure this is somewhere tropical.
Photographer unknown - From National Geographic Magazine January 1991
Spotted on The Shiny Squirrel

Which bathroom would your like to soak in?


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