Air Culture Lab | Sarah Daher

Air Culture Lab by Sarah Daher
photography by Siavash Maraghechi

The website of recent Master in Contextual Design Sarah Daher opens with a quote by Peter Tompkins (co-author of 'The Secret Life of Plants'):
“Plants are living, breathing, communicating creatures, endowed with personality and the attributes of soul. It is only we, in our blindness, who have insisted on considering them automata. Most extraordinary, it now appears that plants may be ready, willing, and able to cooperate with humanity.”
Peter Tompkins, 1973
And that's no surprise, since the graduation project she exhibited during last years' Dutch Design Week revolves around plants communicating through air by releasing chemical molecules. 
Daher built a semi-scientific installation to harness the air enriched with those molecules, that could benefit health when inhaled. 
Air Culture Lab by Sarah Daher
photograph by Siavash Maraghechi
More about this project on Dezeen, where i spotted it, or on Sarah Dahers' website.
Photograph by Siavash Maraghechi


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