the new blog in town: House of Thol

I'm going to come straight out with it: I'm seeing another blog.
Now don't give me that look and be all offended, let me explain!

You've probably noticed i've been acting differently. Right? I might've come across absent-minded at times and might not have been as considerate as i could be lately...

Well, that's because there's a new blog in town: the House of Thol blog. 
The past weeks i've focused all my love and attention on House of Thol: the new adventure T and i jumped into. 

After years of working in our separate design studios and helping each other out occasionally we finally took the plunge and decided to join forces.
We chose the name 'House of Thol' because we design things we'd like to have in our own living environment.
Obviously it's not just the blog: House of Thol has a website as well.

The first project we jumped into is WATERWORKS: a design that will help keep potted plants happy for longer.
Waterworks consists of a terra-cotta cone that can be placed in the soil close to the roots of a potted plant, and a laboratory-glass reservoir that fits in the cone perfectly and has a cork stopper.
Because of the porous nature of the terra-cotta the soil slowly absorbs the water through the cone. The faster a plant takes up moisture from the soil, the faster the reservoir will drain and need to be refilled.

What is extra special about WATERWORKS, is that we're planning on having the production-fase crowdfunded through - This means that if you're as enthusiastic about WATERWORKS as we are, you can help us make it happen!

Right now our goal is to have the project online and ready to be funded no later than October 19th. 
Which is pretty soon, hence the absent-mindedness.

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