A little sneak peek...

Neotribal - Seaside series

I might have mentioned to you i'll be participating in a jewelry event in a little castle this coming weekend (March 16/17).
- If you happen to follow me on twitter it must've been hard to miss (sorry 'bout that).

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Anyway, back to the upcoming exhibition...
With a little help from my friends (thanks T, M&D and Baby X of course - for sleeping) i've managed to find a bit of time in between all that's been going on to create new pieces.

I thought it was about time to give you a little sneak peek...

Neotribal Braid - Seaside series

Braided Lost&Found
Neotribal braid - Black collection

There's still a few days (or, to be more specific: nights) left, and there's a couple of pieces i'm still working on. More pics might follow later.

By the way, the weather forecast is not looking too fantastic, which means this'll be a great weekend for an indoor activity, especially for an indoor activity that has to do with jewelry and medieval castles with moats (and nice coffee-bars).
Just sayin'...


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