A pack for the back

For the last months I have been looking for a backpack for T.
I thought it shouldn't be too hard to find one that's both stylish and affordable, but even though there's an abundance of cool rucksacks all over the web, I don't seem to be able to find them in 'real life'.

Yes, I hear you, of course I could order on-line... but aside from the fact that most supercool bags I found thus far are also superexpensive, I am reluctant to order a backpack that I haven't been able to hold in my hands.

So... I am treating the web as my source of inspiration and will continue roaming the shopping streets in my quest to find T his perfect bag one day.
Here's my inspiration so far:

Farm Rucksack by Makr carry goods

Flap Rucksack by Makr carry goods

AO Rucksack by Ally Capellino

Dean Rucksack by Ally Capellino

Fjell Rucksack, Norseprojects and Ally Cappelino

Little America Rucksack by Herschel


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