Making room for BB - SALE

This Saturday and Sunday, T and I will be selling a lot LOT of stuff at a monthly flea market here in Amsterdam (IJ-hallen).
All to make room (and money) for the little one.

Truth be told: most of the stuff we're selling is mine. It's the result of years and years of rummaging through thrift stores and antiques-shops, collecting all kinds of things that I could use for projects, or just found too beautiful to leave behind on a dusty shelf.
T refers to it as 'clutter', while I prefer the word 'forgotten treasures'.

Well, treasures or not, we needed to make room, and in my current pregnant state I somehow found it easier to get rid of a lot of things I would usually part with a lot more reluctantly.
What makes it easier: we agreed that most of the items left behind Sunday Afternoon will be donated to a local thrift store, but that I do get to keep the pieces that I really really like or think I could sell online. Let's hope we don't have to get into too big of an argument when we close shop this Sunday. ;-)

Here are a few of the items we'll have for sale:


If you see anything you fancy, send me a quick shout-out and I'll make sure to put it aside for you.

The IJ-Hallen flea-market is open this Saturday and Sunday (June 30 / July 1) from 09:00 till 16:30.
Entrance fee is € 4,-. Take the free NDSM-ferry from the Central Station to get to the site.

Let me know if you're planning on visiting 'the country's largest flea-market' this Week-end, I'd love to see you there (yes, of course you'll get a discount...).


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