A whole new world.

Alright, so it took me about three months to get used to this idea:
T and I are going to be parents...

Little Baby growing inside of me distracted me from... well from everything really...
Baby made me dread turning on the computer, instead had me spend my time sleeping (no escaping that), and googling pregnancy-stuff on my smartphone (how am I supposed to feel this week...).
Somehow (material) things like design, art and jewellery suddenly seemed less important.
Enlightened soul?
Nah... hormones probably.

Well, the first hormone-induced three months are finished and a temporary new normality is kicking in.
A normality that's all about finding a not-so-ugly diaper bag (almost impossible) and baby-proofing our temporary housing.

Luckily the worldwideweb offers loads of inspiration, so chances are I'll be all over this on-line world again soon.

Remember this one?
Styled by Susanna Vento


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