Cool stuff: Bread spoons by Niels Datema

I love bread.
I don't know what it is, I guess it makes me very Dutch, but I Love Bread.

And I especially Love home baked bread.
Every time I bake my own bread I decide that, since it is Soooo Easy, I should bake a fresh loaf at least once a week.
Needless to say: I never really seem to get to it as often as I'd like... (once every three months is more like it)

For convenience I usually buy the halfway-there-already-bread-mix in the supermarket (poor, I know), but that might change if I could get my hands on the next set of spoons by Niels Datema:

Photographs courtesy of
Here's how he describes the Breadspoons on his website:

"The smell of a home baked loaf, the taste of a crunchy crust, the texture of a slice of whole grain bread, all of these experiences can come when you bake your bread with these five spoons.
To bake a nice loaf of bread you only need; flour, water, yeast, sugar and oil.
Every spoon is for one ingredient, you can see this on the side of the handle.
The rest you need are your 2 hands so you can enhance your breakfast with home-baked bread."

As I didn't find any price-information on-line, I'm afraid this set of spoons might still be in the prototype-phase. But since the project is popping up all over the internet right now, I have good hopes it won't be long until I can kiss my semi-prepared-bread-mix goodbye and instead use the Breadspoons to bake 'real' homemade bread.

Whoever has more information about a possible production of the spoons, please let me know!


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