Biodegradable vases by ett la benn

Image courtesy of ett la ben

I really like the look of these biodegradable hand-made 'Kami' vases by German design Studio ett la ben (no capitals, apparently).
They're made from 100% biodegradable cellulose coming from wood pulp and cotton.

Looking at the photographs, the vases and pots appear sturdy and heavy, but being made from cellulose, the products should be pretty light-weight.
I suspect my perception of these designs would shift when seeing (and touching) them for real, but regardless, they got me interested.
Image courtesy of ett la ben
Spotted on Yatzer, read the original article for more about the Kami series.

Of course Studio ett la ben has a website, but that's in German and i didn't find a lot about this project (truthfully: nothing, but maybe i got distracted trying to decipher the texts and wasn't looking well enough), what i did find, was a lot of interior design for restaurants that is worth checking out.


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