Moving towards the dark side // 7 lovely examples of dark painted walls

Over the last years i pretty much automatically went for white walls anywhere.

There's a lot to be said in favour of a white wall: its a tabula rasa that looks clean, bright, light, doesn't distract from art and doesn't clash with any color your furniture might have.

White walls are a bit like Helvetica: neutral and safe.
There's just nothing wrong with a white wall.

But lately... lately i've been slowly moving to the dark (and chalky) side.

Tribeca Penthouse, Greenwich Hotel NYC
By Axel Vervoordt & Tatsuro Miki
spotted here

Photograph by Louis Lemaire
Spotted on Remodelista

Apartment styled by Hans Blomquist
Photograph by Marcus Lawett
Spotted on Villa d'Esta

Photograph from Tommaso Sartori
-spotted here-

Spacious apartment of Sussi Trampedach in Kopenhagen
Photographs + article from Bo Bedre
-Spotted here-

From Colour Locale
-spotted here-

Interior in Sao Paolo
From Yatzer - photographs by Lufe Gomes
Spotted on Roseland Greene (who made a pretty important cut in the original image)

Don't you agree the dark colors add a bit of glamour and mystique, or should i say 'drama' to these interiors?
It also evokes a sense of determination, of boldness - this is not just another wall, it's a Wall: A deliberate choice has been made here.
A stance has been taken, opposing the casualness and plainness of painting our walls white without giving it a second thought.

Well, i'm ready for a second thought. Are you?

All that said: i probably won't be touching the walls of our current rental apartment with a black brush anytime soon, as it'd be too much hassle getting it back to its original state.
But.. we do have a move planned in about half a year, and right now i'm quite convinced we might just start painting things black (or dark green/blue/grey) then.

Let's be adventurous!


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