Give the gift of Green Fingers

Need inspiration for all those loved ones who pretty much have it all?
How about the gift of 'green fingers': Waterworks is an all-natural hydration system that makes caring for your houseplants incredibly easy.

photograph by Masha Bakker Photography
Design by House of Thol

A set consists of a Terracotta cone that is pushed into the soil of the plant, and a glass reservoir that is placed on top.
Because of the porous nature of the terra-cotta, water will slowly seep through the walls of the cone into the soil.
All you have to do is refill the reservoir when it's empty (takes approximately 2 weeks, depending on the type of plant). Easy, no?

photograph by Masha Bakker Photography
Design by House of Thol

And a set comes in this lovely cardboard packaging. Perfect for gift-giving!

Get your set in House of Thol's webshop now!
(they ship worldwide)

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