The world of Anne Claire de Breij

Photograph by Anne Claire de Breij

Last week T and i were 'Crowdfunding Superstars' during 'What's Up' at creative warehouse Pakhuis de Zwijger (more on that here on the House of Thol blog). Among the other Superstars that were featured was Anne Claire de Breij, who -together with Niels van Muijden- successfully crowdfunded the book 'Dutch Champions, about the less visible champions in our little country.

Dutch Champions by Anne Claire de Breij and Niels van Muijden
photograph sourced here

The photography in this book is outstanding: sometimes glamorous and staged, while other photographs capture the gloomy reality of champions who don't receive recognition for the success they worked so hard for.

Below a few other photographs by Anne Claire de Breij.
Visit the photographers' website for a lot more, including lovely portraits and many photographs that aren't as pastel-colored (i made an incredibly narrow selection).

Photograph by Anne Claire de Breij
Photograph by Anne Claire de Breij


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